Oral Rehabilitation – Transforming Smiles Excellently

Oral Rehabilitation – Transforming Smiles Excellently - Melbourne dentist

Many people are not satisfied with their smiles, especially if their problems are not easily solved with simple dental procedures. You may be one of those who want a smile that lights up the room when you walk into it; however, you have a smile that needs an extreme makeover.

If you think you need to improve not just the appearance of your smile but also the functionality and health of your mouth, ask your dentist for some options, and they may recommend oral rehabilitation as the best solution for your smile issues. Also referred to as full mouth reconstruction, oral rehabilitation involves various dental procedures that may help you feel better about the way you look while drastically improving your dental health.

Melbourne Dentist Tips: Dealing with Dental Emergencies

Melbourne Dentist Tips- Dealing with Dental Emergencies - melbourne dentist

Dealing with a dental emergency is never easy, especially if you don’t have any idea how and when to start performing the first aid. However, knowing some tips on what to do in the middle of an emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Read on to learn what the most common dental emergencies are and what you can do if a dental health 911 happens.

Gum Treatment – The Solution You Need for Gum Disease

Gum Treatment – The Solution You Need for Gum Disease - melbourne dentist

There are over 70% of adults suffering from some form of gum disease. Gums are a vital structure in your mouth that have the ability to affect your overall dental wellbeing. Often, gum disease strikes in a silent manner and when you realise there’s something wrong in your mouth, it’s usually too late.

However, if you consult your periodontist right away, you will be able to keep your teeth intact and prevent serious oral health problems in the near future. Gum disease can be a devastating condition that can’t be addressed with a simple solution, especially if you’re treating it on your own. You need to make an appointment with a dental professional to prevent the progression of the disease.